Augmentation mammoplasty is suitable for women who perceive their breasts as being too small. Small breasts may also be due to massive weight loss. If breast sagging accompanies small breast volume, a breast uplift operation(mastopexy) may be required. Augmentation and mastopexy can be performed together or separately. Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction is also performed to correct the deformity resulting from the removal of a breast. Modern surgical techniques allow the aesthetic plastic surgeon to simulate a breast, and freed the mastectomy patient from the need to wear an external prosthesis within the bra.

Since the operation does not interfere with breast tissue, the possibility of breast-feeding after pregnancy remains unaltered. The important point here being that the breast will function the same after treatment as before. There may be altered nipple sensation. Augmentation mammoplasty does not increase or decrease the chances of later developing breast cancer.

Augmentation mammoplasties involve the small breast being made larger by the insertion of a pre-formed ‘gelatine-like’ material implant, into a pocket behind each breast through a small incision. The texture of the implant is very similar to the natural feel of the breast. The size of the implant can vary, according to the wishes of the patient and the advice of the surgeon. However, the size selected is based on the degree of stretch within the breast and the amount of breast tissue available to accommodate The patient’s general physique and stature must also be taken into account.

The location of the incision can be varied. It may be beneath the breast in the normal fold of skin, or in the armpit, or it may be in the areola( the pigmented area surrounding the nipple). All breast implants utilize a silicone shell but the filings differ. Silicone implants are gel-filled; saline implants are filled with salt water. The operation is performed under general anesthesia or local in certain cases. An overnight stay in the clinic is required.

After surgery a supportive dressing is placed over the breast. One day later this dressing is removed and the patient must then follow the surgeon’s instructions on the wearing of the correct size bra. Arm movements must be restricted for a few days. The patient can usually return to work within seven to ten days. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise must definitely be avoided for three weeks, and patients should take six weeks to gradually resume full activity. Any surgical procedure of this extent will result in slight swelling. At first a feeling of fullness, soreness and discomfort is almost routine, but adequate pain relief medication can be prescribed. Aspirin or any medication that may contain aspirin should never be used.

Any surgery carries the risk of bleeding or hematoma, infection, pain and discomfort ,but these have been minimized by using modern techniques. Capsular contracture has been dramatically reduced due to the usage of new implants and often capsular contracture does not occur at all.
Statistics have shown that mammograms are just as useful in detecting early cancer in those with implants as in those without it and breast implants dose not increase the risk of breast cancer.

Here is a sample of Breast Implant, before and after. For more pictures please visit website gallery

breast implant, before
breast implant, after



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