Women always wanted to have beautiful cheeks & chin and to achieve such beauty they practice many ways: cosmetics, lip liner, lip augmenter, filler injection, Botox injection and finally different surgeries.

As all of the non surgical options are temporary and need to be renewed after time, surgeons have developed different surgeries to achieve this goal. In some of these operations there is long incision in the mouth that welcomes incompatible complications which influences the final results.

In the most newest technique, we are using a very pliable prosthesis which has been made of the same material of the breast implant (which has been used for along time all over the world for breast augmentation of a huge number of women). In this technique under local anesthesia and through a very small incision in the mouth or under the chin we introduce the implant in to the proper place.

In the post operation period there is a little indurations and bruising and the patient may feel transient tingling. Patients using this implant should avoid wide opening of their mouth for two or three weeks and if there is any history of previous herpes simplex the patient should use preventive antiviral medication before and after operation.

This implant is permanent and there is no need to remove it, but if for any reason the patient wants to remove it, it can easily be done under local anesthesia and in a few minutes.



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