The best candidate for a facelift is a man or a woman whose face and neck have begun to sag but whose skin has still some elasticity and whose bone structure is strong and well defined. Most patients are in their forties and sixties, but facelifts can be successful on people in their seventies or eighties and increasingly is undertaken on younger patients, particularly those whose face has aged with smoking or excess sun. A facelift should not give you a totally different look.

MACS lift
The original subcutaneous face lift involved just lifting up the skin on the face, stretching and then re-draping it. This has now been modified by the use of internal suspension sutures. This is a day case usually under local anesthesia with sedation. This procedure is suitable for the younger patient or the older patient who does not want a major procedure.

The original classical facelift
Is just lifting up the skin on the face and re-draping it. This is the sort of lift is undertaken as a day case and called a mini-lift. The long-term benefit to the patient, once the post-operative swelling has settled, are not consistent. It is also used in the older patients.

SMAS Face Lift
It became apparent to produce a better correction of the face, a deeper lift was required and the pull was therefore on the underlying muscle in the neck and on the fascia in the face. This was the SMAS facelift. More recently as the anatomy has became better understood, this SMAS plane is dissected much further across the face towards the nose allowing a much greater correction of the mid-face and is known as the extended SMAS face lift.

Endoscopic Face lift
With the introduction of endoscopic surgery it has been possible to undertake the dissection through very small incisions just above the ear and through the lower eyelid. This is at present being developed as a 3rd and 4th generation facelift .

Composite Facelift
The composite facelift is a combination of the brow lift and extended SMAS facelift and is advocated the older patient to produce a harmonious elevation of all structures in the neck, face and in particular around the eyes.

Other types of face lift include:
- Short Scar Face Lift (S-Lift)
- APTOS Lift
- Chemical Peels
- Laser Peels
- Lifting creams

Here is a sample of Face Lift, before and after. For more pictures please visit website gallery

Face Lift, Before
Face Lift, After



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