Extension of the technique of tunnel liposuction to many fields has led to multiple applications, such as the injection of the fat aspirated; with encouraging results.

Fat grafting has next indications:
- To fill depressions
- Defects after adipoaspiration
- Post traumatic defects
- Congenital depressions
- To improve contour in breast augmentation or in other areas (buttocks, calf, lips)
- To face (filling in' wrinkles in nasolabial folds, peribucal area etc.)

The technique could be performed isolated or in associations with other surgical procedures (upper and lower blepharoplasty etc).

The fat is achieved by liposuctioning of the thighs (internal part) or from internal part of the knees or abdomen with a small cannula and a syringe, through an incision of approx. 0.4-0.5 cm. These small wounds are not closed and undergo spontaneous healing. Sometimes it may be necessary to take the fat from the abdomen through an incision about 2-4 cm which is stitched afterwards. The stitches are removed after 5-7 days. Fat must undergo only minimal handling as it is a very sensitive to trauma. The fat is then cleaned with a special solution and injected into the desired area with special needles. With new techniques in fat transfer if you use this techniques two times with six months interval, it will cause permanent effect for you.

Fillers can be used for the wrinkle treatment in different parts of face such as nasolabial folds, glabellar folds, periooral folds (Marrionet lines) and fine periorbital wrinkles. This type of treatment can be part of facial rejuvenation which is possible under local anesthesia. The effect of these fillers are immediate and encouraging. There are different types of fillers in the market ,but we use the safest one of them which have passed the FDA approval.

Here is a sample of Fat Transfer, before and after. For more pictures please visit website gallery

fat transfer, before
fat transfer, after



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